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Established in January 2006, John Ford Credit Management (JFCM) is affiliated to John ck Financial Services (Pvt) Limited.

Prior to establishment of the company, research was carried out by way of extensive discussions with senior debt collectors possessing wide practical experience - Incidentally, many of these persons are now employed by JFCM. Also, through its expertise JFCM, is generally able to determine beforehand the viability of undertaking debt recovery especially on behalf of corporate clients. In this manner clients can rest assured that debt recovery eventually undertaken by JFCM will usher positive results.

Statistics reveal that in Sri Lanka, over 70% of debts relate to credit cards, the reason being that generally when a credit card limit is reached, borrowers tend to procrastinate or avoid settlement as to all intents and purposes the credit card is no longer of use to them. Thereafter, even the threat of instigation of legal proceedings is usually not taken seriously because all the while, except for correspondence, the lender has no personal contact with defaulters.

On the other hand, when experienced debt collectors personally call on defaulters this shortcoming is negated - In point of fact, after even one visit defaulters usually become anxious to negotiate terms of settlement purely to avoid a recurrence of embarrassment caused to them when debt collectors visit their homes and/or offices.

Taking the foregoing facts into consideration, the JFCM team of experienced debt recovery officers from the very inception carried out operations successfully.

John Ford Credit Management (Pvt) Ltd. (JFCM) is a member of John Ford Recoveries International (Pvt) Ltd

JFCM in collaboration with a tightly knit global consortium of credit management companies operate under the common vision of providing effective credit management and debt collection services. JFCM and John Ford Recoveries International (Pvt) Ltd, is composed of experienced professionals with in-depth expertise in the many facets of Risk Management.

With the strength of the John Ford Recoveries International (Pvt) Ltd's uniqueness and diversity, JFCM devolves on the core philosophy of providing the highest level of customer service. Member offices are certified by International Quality Standard or Industry National Standards, which ensures that clients are provided with a high level of service, while JFCM is always focused on quality.

Whenever required under local legislation, JFCM member offices are licensed and bonded, and all our staff ensure compliance with the laws of the locality/country in which operations are conducted. JFCM is dedicated to provide clients with a service par excellence.JFCM group members function under the following three common areas of service:

Local/International Debt Recovery
Local/International Credit, Trade & Business Reporting.
International Risk Management and Investigation Services.

The secret of JFCM’s success and growth is its focus on providing personalized attention, cost-effective services and the commitment of its resources in obtaining the best possible results for its clients, while it’s local and international links enable the company to be at the forefront of the industry.

JFCM is pro-active in the field of credit management services and believes that initial care in lending eliminates problems associated with the recovery of bad debts including high expenditure associated with litigation.

JFCM clients include members of the International Business Community namely Banks, Finance Houses, Credit Card Companies, Insurance Companies, Distributors, Importers / Exporters, Trade Commissions and individuals.

Board of Directors

The Chairman/CEO Mr. Roshan Hassen, who now possesses over 20-years practical experience in all facets of negotiation and debt recovery began his career as a Business Development Associate in Eagle Insurance Company Limited, a well established insurance company affiliated to British American Tobacco, where during the tenure of his employment he continuously won the prestigious “Higher Achievement Award” in the years 1995, 1996 and 1997 devolving on his performance in securing business and recovery of insurance premium. With a view to widening his knowledge and horizons in the preliminary stabilization and expansion activities of a newly established company Mr. Hassen joined Vanik Insurance Brokers (Pvt) limited, a company affiliated to Vanik Group of Companies, in the capacity of Senior Marketing Manager, where he continued to utilize his experience with optimum benefit to the new company by stabilizing its position and expanding the company clientele and turnover.

Mr. Hassen, thereafter joined Arpico Finance Company Limited, a company which was established over 50-years ago, in the capacity of Assistant General Manager – Marketing , where his expertise in negotiation and recovery of debts proved to be an invaluable asset to the company.

Taking into consideration his experience and know-how of debt recovery and negotiation with clients, in January 2006, Mr. Hassen established John Ford Credit Management (Pvt) Limited, which in a short space of time became one of the leading debt recovery companies in Sri Lanka. and subsequently to concentrate primarily on recoveries on behalf of overseas clients established John Ford Recoveries International (Pvt) Limited which company has already gained appreciable momentum in this particular field of debt recovery.

Our General Manager Mr. Chris Yoheswaran, counts 23 years experience in managing sales, marketing, operations, personal and service delivery at the district, regional and corporate levels for commencing operations and established companies. A strong leader with a motivational management style and a strong leader with a reputation for building and retaining highly motivated sales and service delivery teams and distributor networks, he is a Six Sigma Green Belt with an extensive scope of responsibility and proven success having a track record for achieving optimal results in high growth environments through incentives exceeding performance targets. He is a results oriented achiever having an excellent track record for identifying opportunities for accelerated growth.

Mr. Yoheswaran began his career in the hospitality industry at John Keells where he worked for 11-years and was one of the main team members that opened he first international fast food chain in Sri Lanka – Pizza Hut. During this period he was the lead manager who established the initial Home Delivery Service and one number call centre in this country.

He thereafter joined HSBC Global and subsequently HSBC local bank where he served for a period of 03-years.

Upon resigning from HSBC he assumed duties at Airtel where he worked for 09- years in all areas including collection and recovery operations. At Airtel he began operations as Head of Audits & Compliance and thereafter as Head of Provisioning. Later he was in charge of SIM Card activations and Recoveries . At this juncture he became Head of Customer Servicing / Zonal Operations.

He is an ISO Certified Auditor with a green belt in bad debt recovery.

Name of Company
John Ford Credit Management (Pvt) Ltd.
Registered Office
#19/A, St' Kildas Lane Colombo 3, Sri Lanka.
International Corporate Consultants (Pvt) Ltd.
World Trade Center, Level 34 , East Tower,
Echelon Square, Colombo 01 ,
Legal Form
Limited Liability Company
Company Registration Number
PV 9161
Commercial Bank PLC
M.R. Hassen – Chairman/CEO
B.C. Rajakaruna
Secretaries and Registrars
International Corporate Consultants (Pvt) Ltd.
World Trade Center, Level 34 , East Tower,
Echelon Square, Colombo 01 ,
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