We have recovery procedures to serve Banks, Other Corporate Sectors, Financial Institutions as well as Individuals.

Do you have monetary dues from your customers any where in Sri Lanka? We deal exclusively in the recovery of money due and recovery of long pending and irrecoverable loans. By employing us, it takes the hassle away. This service can be for small or large amounts of money, our debt recovery staff will make doorstep visits to the client

Loan Recovery for Banks

Our loan recovery policy is built around dignity and respect to customers. We believe in following a fair and legal practices with regard to recovery of dues from borrowers and taking possession of security (properties/assets charged to the bank as primary or collateral security.

What we do

We ensure that during all written and verbal communication with the borrowers, a civil manner is adopted for interaction. We do not resort to any undue harassment or use of muscle power for recovery of loan. We inform the borrowers about the details of dues, both in written form and verbally. Our recovery team will deliver the authority letter in collection of dues. Our recovery agents are specially trained to ensure that they handle their responsibility with care and sensitivity, in particular aspects like hours of calling, privacy of customer information etc.

Why Us ?

  • Team of seasoned professional from
    diverse backgrounds
  • Practical solution based on legal codes
  • Time bound approach
  • Detailed and systematic analysis of the case
  • Well aware of latest rulings and provisions
  • Competitive pricing
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